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Oh man, I remember playing Joust, Defender, Robotron and Pac-Man at Time Zone while in high school. There was nothing better than whiling away the hours in front of the (at the time) most technology had to offer as far as entertainment. Those were the days :-)


I was a pacman dude. Actually, Ms. Pacman was better...I guess that was how I became a feminist.

I also had an Atari - smuggled into Mexico. Although the pacman on that was horrible. I also liked Frogger. It was like crossing the street in Mexico.


Hey Mala,

If you get the chance, there is quite a terrific number of retro games you can now play on the web:

I found this one, you might like


Hey, Hershey's with almonds is still my favorite as well! And I got an original Atari for Christmas when I was 7.

Ah, good times...

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