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Incan khipu are amazing. As a peruvian I feel sorry of not being able to understand what hidden messages do my ancestors have left behind. Even if they are only accounting numbers (for an Economics student, data is golden).
Quechua, the incas language is still spoken -but fading away- in some areas of the highlands. It has the special feature that, as far as I'm concerned, they don't usually have words to describe bad things. If they want to say 'bad' they say 'not good'. 'manam allin'


you remind me a bit of my mum. she studied many languages...


All I have to say :)


I'm so there with you. Whenever I get involved in one of those "If you could have only one superpower ..." talks, I always pick the ability to speak every language, even the dead ones (and non-Earth ones, just in case).
I was decent in Italian in college and lament losing it. I'm working on Japanese now, which is fun but frustrating. I feel like we all should be learning Mandarin as it takes over the world.
Portuguese is sexy as hell. I think it's the most beautiful-sounding language I've heard. You'll have to explain science to me in Portuguese sometime. ;)
P.S. Your kindergarten teacher blows.


I'd like to learn more languages too. I'm curious about Chinese. But, I'll stick to getting my bachelor degree in Communications first.

(in Dutch: Ik zou ook meer talen willen leren. Ik ben nieuwsgierig naar Chinees. Maar, ik zal eerst mijn HBO Communicatie bachelor halen. )

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