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ha ha... your mum is really sweet.


My mom-in-law is the ultimate in cool headed rational behavior. She doesn't worry about much of anything. While this is a soothing relief in comparison with most, it does create a lack of amusing stories to tell. ( was going to say derth/dirth/durth but I can't decide how to spell it and I'm too lazy to look it up).


No matter what it is, mothers serve a purpose.


Ha! That is just another sign that not only are WE related, our mothers are apparently related as well...that completely could have been a series of conversations on MY phone. My favorite was "the millenium"--she was so concerned that we might end up not being able to communicate.

Mom, California is GMT -8. If world communications are going to go out, they are likely to go out FIRST in less-technically-advanced areas, all of which are in the TWENTY TIME ZONES between us and the first slice of earth that will enter 2000. I think we might have a BIT of notice if everything is going to break or blow up.


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