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Don't do it - ewwww!
Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. You can make it.

One of the things I miss about D.C. is the prevalance of places where there's no smoke. Japan is terrible about that.

Think of Marge Simpsons's sisters. Don't be that.


UUUUGgghhh I L-O-V-E Pierce Brosnan!!! (Pierce = SEXY)

Thanks for your words of encouragement Sherri.

My mind, rationally, knows smoking is gross. But my body's instinct is to want one until my brain kicks in with all the reasons not too.


Can't say for sure, as I've never smoked, but both my parents did. My dad quit when I was 8 (almost at gunpoint) and after 20 years he said it didn't bother him so much but occasionally he thought about it. I imagine that it might be as much the actions associated with the cigarette as the thing itself.

Anyway, hurray for your 26 days!
You're fantastic. You're terrific!

I had huge incentive never to smoke. At 14, I had to go into the hospital for some tests and I shared a room with a lady in her 60s who had emphasyma. She was dying. When she wasn't having panic attacks that she couldn't breath or was coughing up...stuff...she was telling me never ever EVER to smoke. I also had an uncle with emphasyma who refused to quit smoking. He couldn't walk across a room at 50. He lived in his TV chair with the AC at Sub-Arctic and a room grey with cigarette smoke.

For me, anyone holding burning, smoldering plant matter wrapped into a tube in their mouths is automatically Not Sexy -- I hate the smell, the burning of my eyes, cigarette breath is nauseating, blah blah blah. Pierce Brosnan lost major sexy points when I saw a photo of him smoking because I knew he was gonna stink. Just sayin.... ;>

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