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I would have to say that I feel you on that. I moved away less than 5 months ago so it's not anywhere near that point yet...but I can definitely see it happening. :)


hmm. the italian holiday definitely sounds nicer.

i wouldn't feel so guilty over thanksgiving. christmas, maybe, but thanksgiving...


Wow, that turkey looks awesome!! Grab me some stuffing...

At least your family will feed you well in exchange for the trouble you take to get out there.


Ya know, that whole guilt thing is completely unfair. No one "owes" anyone anything here, do they? And why are the holidays -- or Hellidays, as I have long called them -- the ONLY time for visiting?

Since my dad died, Hubby and I took thanksgiving to run away to a wonderful little B&B in north Florida. Now that his mom lives nearby, with both his aunts, we must now do the "over the river and through the woods" thing. They all just got here this year, so I'm thinking "one time thing".

Moving away doesn't automatically put the onus on you and that's not fair. anything you feel you "must" do when you would rather do something else is gonna be a lot less fun than things you wanna do. (how's that for stating the bloody obvious?) Then again, I'm very anti-family-guilt

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