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I, too, seem to have accumulated too much stuff since I moved into a bigger apartment, despite several weeks prior to the move deliberately uncluttering my belongings.

I'm not sure I will ever see my dining table in its entirety, unless I start moving things to the floor.


I would go with the tactic of "Have I missed a rent check yet?" and leave the stuff as it lays. Then, slowly start the cleaning/weeding process. Books sound like your down fall, but what a great down fall it is.


Stuff is a constant battle in my life. I've actually been learning how to un-stuff my life. It ain't easy. Mostly it involves refusing to keep anything I 1) haven't seen in at least 2 years 2) didn't know I owned 3) don't recognize. I've sometimes been amazed how much stuff I've been housing that I didn't even know what it WAS.

As for panic house cleaning, I've done that too -- my mother in law used to come live with me each year. Sometimes just making the piles look neat can help.

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