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Also, I've collected stamps since I was a little kid.

While the adhesive stamps are useful, they're crap to collect. I'm a purist.


I had a million penpals when I was a kid as well!

And I heard on the radio that the reason they don't increase it to 40 cents is because, technically the Post Office is a governmental agency. So they aren't allowed to be for-profit. Raising it to 40 cents would increase their revenue by "too much." So they have to wait until their costs go up before they can justify that much of an increase. Crazy, huh?


While I never managed 40 penpals, I did also keep up a massive correspondance in my youth, with people in England, Iceland, Austria and all about the US. Once upon a time, those staps (I remember exactly what you mean about them!) were the biggest part of my allowance expenditure.

While I sometimes miss those letters (often many pages thick), I don't really miss dealing with stamps. There's something so easy about email, and I'm natually a lazy person...

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