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I'm a fellow Dupont Circle neighbor and occasional blogger. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog and am glad to see you're going to continue.



YeY — the return of Mala!
I totally took D.C. for granted when I was there, too. Actually had a year where I worked at night and planned to see all the museums and crap ... never did.
I'm trying to not repeat the same thing here in Japan.
(naked hugs)


I can discover DC through your eyes :)


Looking forward to it...




hoorah! more photos, please..


Yes, rediscovering DC is a fabulous idea!

When I was little and my parents took me to DC, as foreigners they marveled about the city. The main thing was that everything was free! The many museums, open to everyone! My mom couldn't believe it - what a wonderful country, she said.

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